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Analogue Processing

JOBO Analogue Processing Equipment

Tetenal are distributers of Jobo Film Processing Tanks And Drums, Jobo Roll Film Process Tanks and Jobo 35mm Film Developer Kits.

The professional equipment for precise film and picture development

JOBO are experts when it comes to analogue film and picture development. JOBO photographic processors, tanks and lab kits are the reliable choice for professionals as well as enthusiasts.

For the full product range and prices please download the Tetenal JOBO Price List* here.

The current JOBO product range brochure is available to click and download here.

Founded in Germany more than 90 years ago JOBO established an outstanding reputation over the years. The one-shot processing was applied in JOBO Analogue Processing Equipment and provided professional as well as hobby photographers with a reliable high-quality result. Requirements from film and chemistry producers were accurately met. Consequently, JOBO processors were used worldwide by renowned film producers to control their own film productions.

JOBO Analog Processing Equipment offers a universally compatible development system for flexible, creative work with any conceivable composition.

The JOBO CPE-3 Processor is a semi-automatic processor designed for the enthusiast who would like to develop colour film at home in best quality. The CPE-3 processor fits a smaller space and budget compared to the CPP-3. It can develop film sizes up to 4”x5” with C-41, E-6 and RA-4 chemistry. In addition, you can also easily develop black & white film and prints with the CPE-3 processor.

The JOBO Colour Processor CPP-3 is a semi-automatic processor that has been developed for processing photographic film and paper. Whether sheet film or roll film, all available colour and black & white films can be developed with your preferred chemistry.

The JOBO Lab Kits contain all you need to get started with processing your own black & white films manually using a JOBO tank. Depending on the type of kit it contains a 1510, 1520 or 1540 JOBO tank allowing you to develop up to four films at a time. The kits also contain scaled bottles to mix your chemistry, reels, film clips for drying and a thermometer as well as a cascade. The later one is included with the JOBO M and L kits.

JOBO Analog Processing Equipment enables you to create unique photographs with a personal and creative touch. Amongst the mass of digital pictures personally developed pictures can distinguish themselves through their original characteristics.

Get real. Go analog. Go JOBO.

Tetenal Ltd. are delighted to distribute JOBO analogue processing equipment to darkroom professionals and enthusiasts in the UK.

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